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We are always interested in hearing from experts interested in presenting our seminars and training.  In order to be considered as a speaker, they must meet the following requirements.

  They must be subject matter experts. 

  They must constantly stay up to date on the topic. They must possess a topic specific library and subscribe to relevant periodicals.  They must be members a relevant professional association. They must attend four days of topic related seminars per year.

  They must be experienced, professional speakers.  They should not just be lawyers, accountants or consultants who simply do some speaking on the side to get clients. We expect they are presenting at least 30 to 50 times a year. We also expect that they are a member of some training or speaking organization.

  They must be not only technically knowledgeable, they must be able to provide an enjoyable experience for our audience. To assure this, we may require them to provide us with a tape, do an audition, or provide a preview seminar.

  They will be expected to demonstrate their expertise prior to their first seminar with Take Charge Seminars.

  They should have a business, DBA and FEIN number.  It helps if they're actually incorporated.



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We present public seminars and webinars on Sales and Use Taxes. We also do private, on-site seminars on other accounting topics.


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